Its not about the cost of software licenses although they do get stupidly expensive as your organisation grows. It is about cultivating the unique business methods that make your business work better each day. You put your unique creativity, effort and energy into your business so why squash it into the conventional disjointed framework that off the shelf software forces on you ?

Once your organisation grows beyond a certain point the cost of licenses begins to become significant to the extent that developing your own software with no license limit becomes less costly than using off the shelf systems


Custom software that is specific to your organisation will attract people interested in the business. A person skilled in the use of your systems is an asset and will generally not be so interested in moving those skills to another organisation (unless you are doing exactly the same things with the same systems in your business as your competition)

Control and Visibility

The bottom line profit, ROCE, ROI etc are all well established measures of business effectiveness - from an outsiders point of view. Generating that profit are the infrastructure, processes and methods inside your business. These are what you need to monitor and control. Software that shows you what is going on in your business as it happens allows you to see threats and opportunities while fixing weaknesses and leveraging strengths - and good IT is your best tool for doing it. Good software SWOTs by default.


If you can perform processes in your organisation that your competition cannot then you have an edge. To get to the point where have that edge and then keep it - your business has to evolve. To do that it needs to innovate. - continuously. Your IT needs to allow this innovation to happen by responding and adapting as rapidly as possible and without huge cost. Custom software does exactly that. It also gives you the insight that drives innovation. How do you know where to innovate and how effective your changes are? You cannot 'fix what you cannot see', what doesn't get measured doesn't get done. These are the before and after of innovation and both need the right IT.


Even if you don't want to innovate You at least need to operate faster or more efficiently. This extends deep into your processes – not just at the sales, order processing job management, delivery, procurement but the coordinating processes and information pathways that link your business processes.

Consider what happened since you carefully considered the available quality packaged software, hardware and training, gathered it, evaluated it, budgeted for it and deployed it into your organisation:

  • It allowed you to coordinate small disjointed units of work by handling small disjointed units of information
  • Information is now being fed from and to different areas of your business - manually
  • You sense that you might be losing sight of how work is flowing through your organisation
  • Your essential organisational data is becoming disbursed, duplicated and accumulating errors
  • You know that there are information cracks forming in your systems
  • You know you can do better

Put simply things changed - When any system is introduced into any organisation it changes it ... get the right software for your business


If your business is going to survive then you need to do what your competition cannot. so your business must have at least a little bit of uniqueness. If you see that then you know even unconsciously) that your off the shelf software is not running your key systems - its certainly helping or supporting them - but your key systems are still slow and manual

For each user well written software will

  • Provide only the information needed by a user to perform their job well.
  • Provide only the data entry rights needed by a user to perform their job well.
  • Prevent users from accidentally changing data that they are not authorised or qualified to change.
  • Perform checks and verification of information going into the system.

For the organisation well written software will

  • Provide appropriate management information to allow process and performance monitoring at the right levels in an organisation.
  • Provide a communications and data infrastructure that unifies your business
  • Provide secure and controlled information pathways and boundaries

Well written software will Adapt and grow quickly and reliably with and for the benefit of the organisation and its people

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