Organisations unknowingly struggle with IT systems that are disjointed and uncoordinated. The established norm allows people to accept systems that need manual time and work to fill in the cracks between pre-packed applications.
There is a better way. Software built to match your requirements will eliminate that waste of effort and resource.


If you eliminate the drudgery of filling in the cracks between pre-packaged software it frees people to focus on the business at hand. Not only does it save the business money by avoiding wasted time and effort but also allows people to develop skills and awareness that are not anchored to IT. People achieve far more and are more satisfied when they can run the business instead of feeding the IT monster.


Your organisation will change. If you have been in business for any length of time you don't need us to explain that to you. So you should expect your IT to follow you. Software developed to your requirement is malleable. It can be changed, enhanced and diversified in harmony with your organisation.

Direct support

By developing software with a company such as ours you reduce the need to go outside the relationship to find solutions to IT problems. AND YES PROBLEMS DO HAPPEN! We stand behind our work - if we developed it we have both the will and the means to make sure it works.

Cost Effective

The most easily measured cost is of course licensing and is often the first element of cost that new IT project will look at. Although the longer term costs you will incur when applying pre-packaged systems have a deeper effect, its still worth mentioning here that a custom software license does not mean you need to buy more licenses as you add users.

A solid service with the right product

We develop professionally written software specially to customer requirements and have been doing it since 1989 - did we already say that? Just in case we didnt - 1989 - thats 20 years (at the time of writing this). Thats through the nineties recession and the naughties recession and we are still here. We did that by keeping our customers and we did that by looking after our customers. Some of our most established clients have been with us for almost as long as we have been around.

In summary

We provide a range of coordinated services to suit those in search of solid, innovative and adaptive software.

We provide full and semi custom software development from idea through project specification, implementation, rollout and maintenance with supporting services including training, data conversion and import, spreadsheet conversion and import, networking, operating system support and upgrades.

We aim to be as competitive as possible by using the most effective technologies and methods available. We have been in business since 1989. In that time we have evolved efficient and thorough methods for understanding your requirements, selecting the right technology and producing efficient and innovative solutions.

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