Along with software development and maintenance we offer a range of support services that include:

Pure Database design

The effectiveness of any database system is to a great extend dependent on the Database Design that it rests on. The data base design directly affects performance, robustness and concurrency of any program that is written to use it.

Data Extraction, Cleansing, Conversion & Migration

Setting up new systems will often require that data is extracted from old systems, cleansed (e.g. de-duplicated, corrected etc) and converted to fit into new systems before they can be used.

Spreadsheet conversion

Spreadsheets provide a fertile ground upon which to develop the data capture, conversion, storage, manipulation and reporting requirements of a program. Programs often evolve begin as spreadsheets. However at some point it becomes more useful to convert the spreadsheets to custom programs - due usually to the inability to share those spreadsheets in any simultaneous and controlled manner as well as the limited data storage and retieval available.

Software adoption

We can take on software that we did not develop and then provide

  • - Software Maintenance
  • - Software bug fixing