Before you begin

Streamlining key business activities is not the straight forward task that many pre-packaged and off-the-shelf software vendors would like you to think. It involves creative effort and extreme business focus to make it work. Its a process that starts with a knowledge of the business operations that need to be improved and ends with a quantitative measure of the result. It's a process.

You will need people whose focus and skills are about your business and only your business - that's you and your staff. You also need the expertise of people whose mission in life is to develop software - that's us. Then you need to join them at the hip for the duration of the project. Why so joined? Because there will be clashes, without which nothing new, innovative or even particularly effective is likeley to be created.

Developing custom software is a serious investment of your time, your money and your intellectual effort. So it is important that you have answered two essential questions: Why develop custom software? and how do you minimize the risks and maximize the benefits?